Sunday, February 7, 2010

Ol' cows

Calving time is approaching. This global warming thing is on again off again, so we brought the cows home from the south pasture yesterday.
Thinking they would like the shelter of the mountain or the barns from this snow..... Well sir thankyou no. We'll just lay out here in the calving pasture, we're home and happy.
So every time you think you're about to out smart an old cow , think again.....

Monday, February 1, 2010


This winter is just wierd. Can't quite make it out. Take for instance this morning it was almost as warm as it got all day yesterday. No not a Chinook. It has not warmed much since about 8 this morning. Sort of cloudy, and the humidity is high.
Be glad to see green up ....

Thursday, January 28, 2010

State of the Union

Ladies and gentleman we've been force fed and dictator wannabee into the presidency, that is ill qualified to hold the position.
I've never seen anyone hold such a high office that has as much contempt and disdain for this country , and the 3 seperate branches of government.
He lies on a continum. Take the bit about trying to trash the supreme court for overturning a portion of the McCain/Fiengold bill. He said it had been in place for hundred years, false it's not been around that long and if I'm not mistaken he was in the Senate when it first became law? He continually pisses and moans about the deficet he "inherited" Well lets take a look. He was in the Senate for 2 years and voted for those budget busters prior to becoming president, The democrats have had effective control of the legislative body since 06. Yes Bush did a miserable job on the economy , but this clown and his bunch of thugs have spent more money in one year than the country has spent from the beginning.
Then he finally decides to let the republicans participate in legislation but then threatens them if they use the fillibuster to assure their ideas get incorporated.
Just to give him the benefit of a doubt tho..... Maybe its not him, it's probably just the teleprompter making him say all those things.
Looking forward to 012 and wishing him a safe journey back to Kenya or Indonesia......

Friday, January 22, 2010

New pup

WE got a new pup a couple of weeks ago. She was supposed to be miniature aussie and heeler x. I don't think there's anything in her heritage that was minature. She shows a goodly amount of signs of having a generous amount of German Shorthair, and once in awhile when she takes the time to sit (doesn't happen often) she looks scarily like Marmaduke.
She came with the name Simbah, but that has changed to Zip.
The other day she got out while I was doing chores, and one of our old cows took exception to her being there. They had quite a stand off, but it got to be almost hilarious. The cow would chase her out of the corral, and then leave, Zip would think about it for a minute and go back. Finally she'ld run under the gate turn around go on point and bark. I about busted a gut laughing. Told her good cow dogs don't point the cows , we already knew there was one there.
Anyway's if me and ol Babe the wonder dog can survive long enough for her to outgrow the puppy stage all might be well. We're at about 16 weeks and counting....

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ooooh MY

Boy time sure flies. I sure let this thing get behind.
Well for a quick update, since my last time here.
The end of April I went to the BPCR shoot at Alliance.
May we branded and started getting cows to pasture. It rained alot and the grass grew like crazy.
June was a fantasticlly good month. Doc and I went to the BPCR shoot at Baker Mt. the weekend before fathers day. Had a great time. We came home Sunday night, and then I turned around and left Wednesday for the Quigley match at Forsyth Mt. This had promise to be a fantastic time and sure enough it was. My Boys Marcus and Bob flew into Billings Thursday and shot the match with me on Saturday and Sunday. Had to be the greates fathers day ever. I still get warm fuzzies thinking about it. Hoping we can do it again. When I got home I immediately got on the hay equipment and commenced haying which took care of July as well.

August came and Carols mom was in severe health problems. We thought we may of lost her but she rebounded just fine.The end of August Carol and I attended the Sagebrush bpcr shoot at Alliance Ne.
Sept we went to Eklalaka Mt for the Medicine Rocks shoot
October was a busy month with shipping the calves and all the snow we had
November was quite and good weather.
December was busy as usual and cold and snowy.
So here we are in January and I hope to keep this thing updated just a bit better.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Some days are diamonds

Some days are stone. Remember that John Denver song? Well seems that one ought to be my theme song as it sure does ring true more often than not.
Sunday the Zetor tractor decided to take a short vacation. So nothing to do but get the old JohnDeere A fired up and going with it's old loader.
First thing the A had a flat on the front, no problem air it up . Opened the fuel tank valve drained opened the pitcok on the bottom of the carberuator and got clean gas running thru , hit the starter and presto good ol John E Popper is off and running .
Off to the shop we go to get the loaders oil tank filled. Well ok so some of the seals have dried and are leaking they'll get livened up shortly. Hmmm not enough oil to fill the tank, quick call to a neighbor and they've got a bucket full . Get back and the front tire is flat again, no biggy the air hose will reach.
Ok have the tire aired up, all the loader cylinders are moving. Lets go put the bale fork on so the cows can get a bale of hay today. Almost to the fork and poof, broken hose off the pump. Good thing we got the neighbors extra oil. Have a hose that'll fit , off to the forks again. Amost there, pow splat, broke the other hose. Grrrrr. Well after some srounging found a hose that'll work top the oil tank , get the forks on. That cylinder is working the forks just fine.
Get to the hay stack spear a bale and what the .....? That @##$%^! front fork won't lift the bale, must be an air lock . Back to the shop bleed the lines, tire is flat again fork still not working.
Look at the watch it's 6:30, bucket calf thinks he's terribly abused. Getting dark and chilling off , not in a good mood time to go eat some supper and ponder the situation.
Alright during the night I've got the plan. Use the chain hoist to manual control the fork.
Sure hope Brown Co calls this morning and says the Zetor parts are in.........
That's the view from the control tower this morning.
Sincerely yours
Ranch 13
Chief Ranch Sanitation Engineer
Dead Cow Unit, Gone Broke Cattle Co.
Hells Gap, Wy.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Well here we sit on the morning of April 27,2009, watching the snow here on out known as global warming coming down at a rate probably about an inch an hour. Temp is about 32 above zero
We do have hopes tho that maybe the 12 year drought that has plaqued this part of the country is about over. During March and early April we were blessed with a blizzard everyweek for 3 weeks. Then we got 2 inches of rain last week and 3/4 of an inch this past weekend. Almost as much moisture in March and April as we had for all of 2008, things are maybe starting to look to the bright side!